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Rib Lath

Material: Galvanized Sheet
Feature: Easy to cut
Application: Civil Buildings


Rib lath is widely used as a plastering backing on ceilings, walls, stud partitions; rib lath is also ideal for refurbishing damaged or aged masonry walls when a key for rendering is not firm due to disintegration of softening of the wall face. With stronger ribs, it is widely applied to concrete structure of projects, it has better stress strength and free shapes, mostly used as concrete permanent dismantle free template for civil engineering.

Material: Galvanized Sheet

Raw material: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

Surface treatment: Hot Dipped Galvanized

Application: Civil Buildings

Interior wall wire mesh Galvanized expanded metal lath formwork high rib lath for sale has been widely used in construction,hollow wall reinforcement,increase the elasticity, Protect the wall body from being broken.In a word,it is a good buliding material.

Product feature                      

 Rib Lath Features Compared with Other Metal Laths:
-It is easy to cut and form to ornamental plaster work.
-It provides ample keying for scratch coat.
-It is commonly used for plaster machine application.
-It gives a uniform coat depth for large area

Production Specification
Metal buliding material expanded rib lath

Thickness(mm) SwxLw(mm) Rib Height(mm) Rib Distance(mm) Weight kg/m2 Width(mm)
0.30 12x8 5 100 1.2 610
0.35 12x8 5 100 1.4 610
0.40 12x8 5 100 1.6 610
0.30 12x8 8 100 1.2 610
0.35 12x8 8 100 1.4 610
0.40 12x8 8 100 1.6 610

Regular Specification for your reference
Expanded metal rib lath

HoleSize: 4.5mmx15mm,5mmx10mm,10mmx20mm,9x20mm,8mmx20mm,10mmx16mm,10mmx18mm
Sheet Thickness: 0.3mm-0.6mm
Rib Length: 4mm,8mm
Rib Distance: 75mm,150mm
Width: 600mm,610mm
Length: 2200mm,2440mm